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Domestic blow molding machines need to promote development from two aspects

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-08-03
Most of the bottle blowing machine enterprises in my country are small and medium-sized enterprises with insufficient technical strength and lack of independent development capabilities. It is difficult to achieve technology-intensive large-scale production, and it is difficult to meet the changing market demand. Therefore, industry insiders believe that a reshuffle of the industry is inevitable, with small businesses phasing out and merging in the competition. Therefore, in the development process of the enterprise, the blow molding machine must face these problems in order to obtain long-term development. The industry should play its own advantages, seize the market, and then continue to strengthen technological innovation to stabilize the market. The domestic blow molding machine industry should maintain a growth trend, strive to maintain advantages, improve deficiencies, and continuously strengthen technological innovation, so that the application of blow molding machines will become more and more extensive. In addition, the road to internationalization of the industry should be accelerated. At present, the technical strength of domestic blow molding machine manufacturers is relatively similar, mainly focusing on the production of low-end blow molding machines. However, with the development of the bottle blowing machine market, the domestic development trend has been unable to meet the needs of modern production of food, medicine, cosmetics and other businesses, and domestic bottle blowing machine manufacturers must change. However, after decades of development, some bottle blowing machine manufacturers have reached a certain scale, and some of them have production strength close to the level of advanced bottle blowing machine manufacturers in Europe and the United States. For these enterprises, the future should focus on the following two areas for improvement. The first aspect is the one-step injection stretch blow molding machine and the high-speed rotary blow molding machine. The automation technology will be the main direction of the future development of the blow molding machine, and the automation must also be matched with other pharmaceutical machinery and beverage machinery and equipment. The second aspect is that bottle blowing machine companies must strengthen the overall design ability of the workshop and complete the design ability of the whole vehicle to meet the automation needs of the downstream market. It is hoped that bottle blowing machine manufacturers will promote in these two directions in a timely and effective way. Only in this way can we obtain more opportunities and strive for more opportunities in the future.
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