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Domestic automatic plastic blow molding machine realizes mass production

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-08-04
Domestic bottle blowing equipment has long relied on high-priced imports, and the history of small and medium-sized enterprises in the industry is basically in the original hand blowing will be rewritten. Hollow blow-molded bottles are widely used in milk beverages, cold food, medicine and health products, cosmetics and other industries. However, for a long time, only manual mold clamps can be produced in China. Most small and medium-sized blow molding bottles are in the original production state. , bottle blowing, mold opening, and bottle taking requires a large number of skilled workers, high cost, small output and low pass rate. Some large-scale enterprises spend 13.4 million yuan to import injection-blow molding machines. Due to the high cost of molds, they are generally used for large-scale production and products with less product changes, which cannot meet the current needs of domestic bottle specifications. The automatic rotary plastic bottle blowing machine has Chinese characteristics. It organically combines electric, pneumatic, mechanical transmission, etc., and has the characteristics of advanced performance, simple and practical, simple operation and low price. The first batch of users of automatic rotary plastic blowing, Cang County Jiaxing Plastic Factory Manager Chen told reporters excitedly that this equipment can produce 100 ml compared with the manual mold clamping machine in the past.“popsicle”Taking bottles as an example, a machine only uses one ordinary operator, reducing 4 people; the shift output reaches 23,000, an increase of 13,000; the product qualification rate is over 98%. In addition, there have been outstanding changes in raw material saving, customer satisfaction, labor intensity of employees, and gram weight deviation, and the overall economic benefit has doubled compared to the past manual blowing. Industry experts believe that the successful development of the automatic rotary plastic blow molding machine and the realization of mass production is a breakthrough in the new equipment of domestic packaging machinery in recent years. The price of this equipment plus extrusion unit is only 1/20 of the imported equipment, and It is suitable for the change of bottle shape, which is conducive to popularization and promotion, so that the domestic packaging and blowing production can be mechanized as soon as possible.
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