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Do you know the following problems encountered in the operation of the blow molding machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-08-28
Have you also encountered the following problems encountered by the blow molding machine during the blowing operation? If you have an understanding of the machinery industry or are engaged in the production and processing industry related to plastic bottles, then you may be very familiar with the blow molding machine. The so-called blow molding machine and blow molding machine are mainly used for blowing bottles. Mainly, plastic granules or softened liquids can be blown into bottles that people need by certain technological means. Compared with other raw materials, the blow molding machine is not only light and cheap, but also very safe. Its existence can be seen everywhere in our lives, especially all kinds of laundry detergent bottles and beverage bottles used at home are made of plastic as raw materials, which brings more convenience to people. So if we want to purchase blow molding machine equipment, we must first do some understanding before using the blow molding machine. Today, the plastic machine will share with you about the use of the blow molding machine? 1. Before using the blow molding machine, you should carefully check whether the moving parts are firm, and you also need to carefully check whether the screws are loose. If there is, it should be tightened in time to ensure safety and stability during use. . 2. For places with very strong impact force, it is necessary to check whether the belt drive part is normal, whether there is serious wear and tear, which needs to be replaced and processed, and it is also necessary to add lubricating oil to each part to ensure the service life of mechanical equipment longer. Repairing the blow molding machine in a certain order can not only ensure the normal production of the product, but also prolong the service time of the machine and equipment. Therefore, in the maintenance of the blow molding machine, the following maintenance rules must be correctly implemented to improve product quality and productivity. 1. When the blow molding machine fails, it must be repaired as soon as possible. If it can be repaired during power outage or product replacement operation, it will help to reduce downtime and not delay machine production. 2. The parts that affect the blowing quality of the blow molding machine need to be replaced or repaired every six months. If there are parts that do not affect the quality of blowing, they can be used for a longer time, which can reduce maintenance costs. 3. If you want to carry out large-scale maintenance on the blow molding machine, it is best to repair it during the shutdown to avoid the shutdown of the blow molding machine during the production process. Several problems often encountered by the blow molding machine in the process of blowing the bottle? 1. Thick on the top and thin on the bottom: delay the pre-blowing time, or reduce the pre-blowing pressure and reduce the air flow. 2. The bottom is thick and the top is thin: the opposite of the above. 3. There are wrinkles under the bottle neck: the pre-blowing is too late or the pre-blowing pressure is too low, or the billet is not cooled well here. 4. The bottom is white: the preform is too cold; it is too stretched; the pre-blowing is too early or the pre-blowing pressure is too high. 5. There is a magnifying glass phenomenon at the bottom of the bottle: there is too much material at the bottom of the bottle; the pre-blowing is too late, and the pre-blowing pressure is too low. 6. There are wrinkles in the bottom of the bottle: the bottom temperature is too high (the cooling at the gate is not good); the pre-blowing pressure is too low and the flow rate is too small. 7. The whole bottle is cloudy (opaque): not enough cooling. 8. Partial whitening: excessive stretching, the temperature here is too low, or the pre-blowing is too early, or the stretching rod is touched. The following are the three most common undesirable phenomena in the blow molding machine: (1) The overall wall of the bottle of the blow molding machine is too thin. The main reason is that the stretching temperature of the preform is too high and the stretching ratio of the preform is too large. (2) The bottom of the bottle of the blow molding machine is thin and the upper part is thick. The reason is that the stretching speed is too slow, the primary blow molding pressure is too high, the secondary blow molding time is not suitable, and the temperature of the upper part of the preform is low and the temperature of the lower part is high during stretch blow molding. (3) The bottom of the bottle of the blow molding machine is thick and the upper part is thin. This is caused by too fast stretching speed, too low primary blow molding pressure, improper control of secondary blow molding time, and improper temperature control of upper and lower parts during stretch blow molding.
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