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Different market demands Blow molding machines are divided into high, medium and low-end markets

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-07-28
In today's society, new technologies and new applications are emerging one after another. Throughout the field of plastic hollow molding, it is also fruitful. As a kind of equipment for making plastic particles into hollow containers through blow molding, the blow molding machine is widely used in medicine, food, daily chemicals, etc. field. Like all products, blow molding machines also have high, medium and low-end market divisions. Today, the editor summarizes the division of the blow molding machine industry for you, mainly including the following aspects: High-end category: automatic blow molding production line, with large profit margins, this type of machine from feeding, drying to scrap recycling, crushing and then Utilization, as well as label pasting, the whole process is automatically completed, and equipped with leak detector, in-mold labeling machine, automatic cutting machine, conveyor belt, the thickness distribution of the product is controlled by the wall thickness controller, and the configuration of the famous brand is adopted. The entire automatic production line with the blow molding machine as the main machine does not require manual operation from plastic raw materials to finished product packaging. Such products are relatively expensive, with state-owned enterprises, relatively powerful consortiums and famous brand enterprises as the main customers, accounting for about 30% of the entire domestic blow molding machine market, and continuing to rise. The fully automatic production line is the main development direction of the bottle blowing machine in the future, and it is also the only way for all bottle blowing machine manufacturers to make profits and achieve branding. Mid-end category: a single blow molding machine that can achieve full automation and a moderate price. This type of machine can still be equipped with a wall thickness controller, an automatic take-out device, an in-mold labeling machine and an automatic slitting machine according to customer needs. Adopt well-known configuration, flexible sales policy. Most domestic enterprises will be positioned at this level, and the selling price will be different due to factors such as production costs, sales policies and corporate reputation. Such mid-range models account for about 50% of the market share of blow molding machines, and the market share of companies with relatively poor quality is decreasing day by day. Low-end category: blow molding machines with low price but basically stable performance. These blow molding machines are currently dominated by pneumatic machines. Most manufacturers use domestic configurations. Its sales targets are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises and individual merchants in domestic and developing countries, accounting for about 20% of the market share. According to the analysis of market demand, nowadays, the market prospect of large-scale blow molding machines is widely optimistic. The manufacturing cost of large-scale bottle blowing machines is high, the capital investment is large, the risk is high, and there is a strength threshold. At present, there are fewer domestic manufacturers of large-scale bottle blowing machines, and the level of competition is much smaller than that of small bottle blowing machines, so the profit space is relatively small. big. Relevant enterprises should distinguish the classification standards of blow molding machines, and produce corresponding products according to market demand, so as to continuously meet the requirements of market development.
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