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Delivery of 6-mode turntable blow molding machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-08-29
6-mode high-speed rotary blow molding machine, this model has 6 patented products, the only domestic initiative. It is suitable for blowing barrel pots and special-shaped products within 2-6L. It can produce one to three layers, and the equipment is controlled by high-end PLC computer. The temperature control is made by Japan's Omron Electric, all actions are all servo systems, 6-8 stations can be used, and it can realize automatic and unified edge cutting, unified labeling, and bottle sorting and packaging. The daily output of this machine is 15,000-36,000, which saves 400-600 yuan per day than traditional hydraulic equipment. It truly achieves high efficiency and energy saving, and is an ideal substitute for traditional hydraulic blow molding machines. At the same time, this product is widely praised by overseas users.
plastic blowing machine manufacturers are required in the manufacture of almost every product and pet bottle machine price bottle blowing machine is one of the most common machines.
Yosion Machinery will continue to bring our industry nuances of style and approaches to bottle blowing machine which are consistent with our evolving aspirations.
Yosion Machinery has a number of producing line for producing bottle blowing machine.
If our brand is successful and consistent, it will be much easier to initially grab customers and encourage them to purchase bottle blowing machine further.
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