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Brief introduction of YC series semi-automatic blow molding machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-09-08
At present, the equipment used in the production of bottles in the beverage industry is mainly composed of automatic blow molding machines and semi-automatic blow molding machines. In comparison, fully automatic blow molding machines have high production efficiency, but are more expensive and require frequent maintenance. So for those customers with little money on hand, the semi-automatic blow molding machine has become their first choice. The following is a brief introduction to the YC series of semi-automatic blow molding machines produced by our company. YC series semi-automatic blow molding machine is mainly composed of an oven and a blow molding host. The inside of the oven is driven by gears, so that the preforms placed on the track will rotate and move forward in the oven with the track. There are usually 8 lamps in the oven. The hardness of the preform can be adjusted by adjusting the temperature released by the lamps in the lamp box, so that the inside and outside of the preform can be heated evenly and softened. At this time, put the softened preform into our mold, press the blowing switch lightly, the mold is closed, stretch the preform, blow air, and after a few seconds, the mold is opened, and we can remove the bottle. Overall, the semi-automatic blow molding machine has low energy consumption, moderate output, and relatively low price. In addition, for many special-shaped bottles, it can also be easily won. After comprehensive consideration, for customers who do not have particularly high output requirements, the semi-automatic blow molding machine is still worth buying.
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