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Bottle blowing machine troubleshooting want to practice more, is more practice

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-09-23
Want to practice more, should have the courage to begin, a good beginning for bottle blowing machine maintenance personnel, should be calibrated boldness, should have the courage to begin, will only speak, not begin, repair bad bottle blowing machine. But to practice again, don't blindly, otherwise it will enlarge the fault, cause an accident, consequence is unimaginable. At the same time we also good at begin, first of all got to be familiar with the bottle blowing machine operation panel and the content of each menu, operate freely. At the same time also should make full use of the bottle blowing machine from diagnostic technology to quickly solve the fault. Now the development of the bottle blowing machine, self-diagnosis ability stronger and stronger. Want to practice more, cultivate their ability and master experiment skills, sometimes some bottle blowing machine fault looks very fuzzy, can't distinguish it is electrical fault or mechanical failure, we adopted & other; Separate method & throughout; , the part of the electrical control which is completely separated from the primary circuit and there are many other methods, such as & other; Isolation method & throughout; 、“ Displacement method & throughout; 、“ Correlation method & throughout; 、“ Tap on a method & throughout; Method could serve as an effective approach to help us to find, and troubleshooting. Want to practice more, learn how to use the relevant instruments such as oscillograph, multimeter, on-line detector circuit, short circuit tester, such as computers, programmer can help our judgment of the concrete circuit, check, especially the PLC programmer, computer, be familiar with, free to input and output bottle blowing machine parameters, online test status, system initialization, etc. The failure analysis, especially in complex fault, are of great help to solve the problem. Want to practice more, for & other; Bend small leather & throughout; Often a component damage occurred during normal work, Such as selection switch, button, relay, etc. ) And no spare parts, oneself start work as soon as possible with bonding repair or to apply temporary special measures, such as make bottle blowing function normal work, the spare parts to until after the restore. Want to practice more, to repair the board myself generally bottle blowing machine for reliability, failure rate is extremely low, generally to check the bottle blowing machine, don't doubt the board first. By pulling down the law, initialization, hot and cold start PLC trial and error in the method of general can be ruled out. If it proved to be a circuit board problem, must carry on the repair. The board ( There is no drawings) Expensive, so the stand or fall of bottle blowing machine circuit board is very important, once the damage of circuit board and no spare parts, repair and bad, will stop, the serious influence production. Sometimes tend to circuit board is only a very small fault, as long as the careful check, it is not difficult to found the problem, we have repeatedly found that individual false welding capacitor leakage, plate, such as short circuit fault, some circuit board fault is more complex, but as long as time, by using the instrument examination, or to fix; But there are part of the circuit board in severe cases, especially the large scale integrated circuit, maintenance difficulties, combined with the original device has no spare parts, can only buy for board or send out early. Diy boards, there is a big advantage, on the one hand can save costs for the enterprise, finance, on the other hand can & other; Dissecting sparrow & throughout; Familiar with electronic circuit, cultivating their own analysis of the judgment and beginning ability is very useful.
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