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Bottle blowing machine, three major issues impede the development of the bottle blowing machine industry, professional production by Machinery Co., Ltd.

by:Yosion Machinery     2021-06-17
According to relevant statistics, about 70% of domestic blow molding machine manufacturers are small and medium-sized enterprises. The scale of these companies is generally relatively small, and some of them have been established in a very short time. These blow molding machine manufacturers are shortcomings in many aspects such as research and development and after-sales, and the blow molding machine products produced are basically in the low-end. In the past, the domestic plastic products industry showed extensive growth. There is a large demand for blow molding machines, so some manufacturers of low-end and medium-end blow molding machines have also obtained development opportunities. However, companies are now beginning to transform and upgrade, and the automation requirements for blow molding machine equipment are getting higher and higher, and the market share of middle and low-end blow molding machines is shrinking. This will have a great impact on the low-end blow molding machine manufacturers. Small and medium blow molding machine manufacturers are facing the risk of dish washing.  For small and medium-sized bottle blowing machines, although they are now facing a lot of pressure. However, the traditional empirical thinking in the past must be changed. It is necessary to invest a certain amount of capital and manpower in the research and development of the bottle blowing machine, and strive to continuously improve the existing defects of the bottle blowing machine equipment to better meet the changes in the market. For blow molding machine manufacturers, the market is constantly changing, but to gain a foothold in this market, the only immutable thing is product innovation. Three major problems imprison the development of the industry and lack of big cake-cutters: In China’s current economic structure, if any industry wants to be a leader, it is not just as simple as manufacturing differentiated products. It may be possible in the first 5 years, but now it is strength. Blow molding machine is not a product that companies need every day. A machine can be used for several years, and the daily output is amazing, so the demand is relatively small. And nowadays, the domestic company that has done the biggest blow molding machine can't reach 500 million, and no one can take on this important task. To make the industrial cake bigger depends on who is 'cutting' the cake and 'cutting' a larger portion, then the industry will become bigger.   Excessive competition in local regions: The pattern of the bottle blowing machine industry is 'fuzzy' from a national perspective, but it is 'clear' from a regional perspective. The clarity of the south is more obvious than that of the north, which is caused by the distribution of the container packaging industry. It is in these rare and clear areas that in order to compete for this one-third of the land, the market competition is too fierce. Price wars, sales promotion wars, and channel wars have become common occurrences. In the less competitive market, there are only a few companies. Single products are struggling to support the market, and the contrast between hot and cold is obvious.  Innovative technology is imminent: As the price of crude oil rises, the price of plastic raw materials rises accordingly. Therefore, various container manufacturers are working hard to reduce the weight of containers in order to save raw materials. Moreover, with the ever-increasing awareness of environmental protection today, saving energy and reducing pollution have become an important indicator for measuring the quality of products. In addition, the safety, quality, speed, cost, scope of application, and the saving of energy and raw materials of the machine are all the issues that the manufacturers of blow molding machine are exhausting. Therefore, it is urgent to develop new products that are in line with the development of today's industry.  Innovative technology can control the overall situation    as a subdivision of the plastic machinery market, the blow molding machine industry has always been moving forward with a low-key attitude. After decades of development, many outstanding companies have been born in China's bottle blowing machine industry. The Jiasu one-step blow molding machine independently developed by Guangzhou Jiasu Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. has won a well-known name in the industry in terms of performance and technology.
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