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Bottle blowing machine manufacturers is introduced

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-09-21
When people in the life the use of equipment for all kinds of plastic products, especially for the use of plastic bottles, not only has good performance characteristics, and when use is very convenient, compared with the glass not only lightweight, small size, light weight, and will not appear the phenomenon such as broken, therefore, is widely used by people, in life, or is very widely used in other areas, most of these plastic bottles are used to make and bottle blowing machine, bottle blowing machine mainly a kind of plastic particles made by blow molding process of the hollow container equipment, therefore, not only simple to use, easy to operate, and can also save more time, to make plastic bottle blowing machine and the process of the program is mainly 1, the first is to turn the bottle preform by infrared heat lamp irradiation, can better make the bottle preform bottle preform, but bottle mouth don't need to be heated, so as to better maintain the shape of the bottle, also can use a cooling device to cool 2, again is the bottle preform is preheated in a blow mould is ready, then to high pressure gas, it can pull blow bottle preform become so people need all kinds of different shape of the bottle, meet the needs of the people
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