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Bottle blowing machine is bold and creative ideas

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-09-27
Said to the bottle blowing machine will have to say that the unique and creative ideas, suddenly let its sales market all over the country, the following is the introduction to its simplicity, look after, hope you sell other products can also spread to every corner of the world. Fully automatic bottle blowing machine has the following advantages: high yield ratio: bottle blowing amount per hour 1600 & ndash; — 1800. High cleanliness without pollution. The fruit of the whole block area, to avoid the secondary pollution of the product. Very low yield capital; Compact mechanical structure, not disorderly of heating system, adjustable craft production, greatly reduces the amount of water, electricity, gas, various security measures, all produce a vestige of the thoughts of human capital, capital and governance will sharply lower. China now produces plastic products with plastic film ( Including agricultural film) , plastic wire and weaving products, plastic pipe material, and daily plastic products mainly. If applied to divide, plastic bottle blowing machine products is one of the most main plastic applications. By 2010, China fully automatic bottle blowing mechanism products demand will reach 5. 5 million tons, accounting for the total demand for 22. 0%. Automatic bottle blowing machine manufacturers focus on the development of more and more fast, capital low automatic bottle blowing machine, is the development trend of future equipment smaller, more flexible and versatile, high efficiency. This trend also included to save time, reduce the capital, so the packaging world pursues is combination, simple, portable automatic bottle blowing machine. In the automatic bottle blowing machine automation, automation control program has been widely used, such as PLC equipment, such as data collection system.
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