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Bottle blowing machine industry is also affected by the financial crisis

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-09-16
Chinese automatic bottle blowing machine industry association deputy secretary-general MaoZhongWen when accepting a reporter to interview said: & other; Automatic bottle blowing machine industry around the world now has fallen into the development of the channel, to 3 years of sluggish market and in the development of low mental preparation. Enterprises, especially export-oriented enterprises should make development plan adjustment and countermeasures. ” Affected by the financial crisis, the international automatic bottle blowing machine since the third quarter of 2008 showed a trend of decline in the market, in 2008, the north American market fell by 5%, a 17% drop in the European market, Chinese market growth fell to 25% from 27% in 2007. Most bottle factory major in China is still a generic, surveying and mapping, localization of improved slightly, no development research. On the product development lack of vision, difficult level. Produces the laggard, big department is still processing with old general equipment. The development of new products not only less number, and long development cycle. On the corporate governance, often produce processing, research and development, set up different enough, can't keep up with the market demand in a timely manner to provide products.
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