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Bottle blowing machine in the manufacturing process of plastic bottles and the degree of attention to matters

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-05-25
Bottle blowing machine mainly a after blow molding technology to manufacture of plastic particles into hollow container equipment, therefore, not only using simple, operating bento, frugal more time, and also can bottle blowing machine in the process of manufacturing plastic bottles when: 1, the first is to turn the bottle preform by infrared heat lamp, can better make the bottle preform bottle preform, but grey mouth bottle does not need heating, such ability better stick to the shape of the bottle, also can use some cooling installation to cool. 2, again is used to preheat the bottle preform into ever ready to blow mould, then stop the high pressure air to it, so that it can pull blow bottle preform become the demand of different shape of the bottle, satisfy people's needs. Before using the bottle blowing machine needs pay attention to matters of bottle blowing machine mainly used for blow molding of plastic machinery and equipment, it can be plastic particles or will do a good job of bottle embryo after a certain process wrist blown into a bottle, for people in life brought bento use all kinds of different shapes of plastic bottles, bottle blowing machine mainly adopts the oilless air bag clamping technology to stop operation, not only large clamping force, and toggle running into force, long service life, less when people use bottle blowing machine should be how to use more simple operation ability, lunch, prolong the using life of bottle blowing machine? 1, when people use bottle blowing machine should carefully check the bottle blowing mechanical and electrical source and control system, heating system, etc. , can be in normal state, and local about adding smooth oil demand, adding the right amount of smooth oil demand, to ensure the normal use and operation of the equipment. 2, the use of bottle blowing machine should also be precise mold device on the bottle blowing machine, can on button once at the precise location also want to look at, and also demand in accordance with the rules of requests to start, stop debugging or running, sure equipment is in normal operation and under the conditions of work.
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