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Bottle blowing machine fault and treatment method

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-09-18
1. High temperature alarm lamp box waterway. The solution: open channel connection rubber hose, low pressure gas and alcohol for purging and cleaning waterways. 2. Grip troubleshooting solution: adjust the slide seat height, or grip position. 3. Card to death, the solution: restart the machine. 4. Unable to manually the origin, the solution: check the shift a grip, shift the grip and defect positioning plate, whether the card to the corresponding position, if not, manually make their CARDS to the appropriate location, and then the origin. 5. Action does not reach the designated position the solution: to see if any thing card. Adjust the gas flow valve. 6. Exhaust noise too loud, the solution: check the high pressure exhaust muffler is damage or loss. 7. Embryo, the embryo is not uniform, the solution: adjust the embryo location, that is in the process of bottle blowing bottle blowing machine fault and treatment method.
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