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Bottle blowing machine, bottle blowing often what is bad?

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-09-15
To tell you that if the bottle and mould in or to the naked eye can discern the bottle is broken, check the pressure of the bottle blowing machine? ( General air pressure is 2. 0 - 3. 0 mpa) , if the pressure is normal check mold exhaust structure whether reasonable, check the temperature is normal, if not normal debugging to the appropriate temperature. Remember a good bottle of good or bad, if critical bottle? Check exhaust time Settings, if the exhaust set is normal, every time as long as a bottle blowing explosion, then you can judge is the exhaust valve failure, please open the exhaust valve check its spring box seal, ( This kind of failure is also a phenomenon is furious row not clean voice) 。 One is the best way to change. If the pipe drying out is white, then lower the temperature, or to increase speed. If the pipe drying out blow out of the bottle without white to pale that's temperature is low, the reverse of before. Bottle well after the redundant residual meat? Mainly bottle and bottle in two places, if there are residual meat is the bottom of the bottle, is mainly the bottom temperature is low, bottle temperature on the high side, please lower the temperature in the bottle and bottle temperature rising. Blowing or decrease the delay time. Bottle more than meat, this problem and bottle the opposite of meat. The bottle after forming thick thin sometimes bottle is not in the center, should examine the eccentricity of the tube billet is qualified. Adjust the center of the tensile bar to the bottom of the mold. Adjust appropriately increased after blowing time.
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