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by:Yosion Machinery     2021-06-17
As the best in the bottle blowing machine, the fully automatic bottle blowing machine is well-known. Both the whole and the details reflect the charm of this bottle blowing machine as the boss of the industry: internationally leading and full of humane design, the internal structure is composed of electrical, mechanical and pneumatic systems, and the structure is scientific and reasonable. . The important internal parts, such as the whole machine and electrical appliances, are from the United States, the seals for sealing and the reducer used for speed reduction are from Germany, and the bearings are from Japan. The automatic blow molding machine is equipped with the most cutting-edge and cutting-edge design and technology in the industry, which is a representative work in the blow molding machine industry. The parts of each part are from the most advanced countries in the world. Such excellent part configuration and optimized combination protect the automatic blow molding machine to the greatest extent, so that it can resist wear and accidental scratches in daily use. This improves the service life of the equipment. Compared with the general blow molding machine, the purchase price of the automatic blow molding machine may seem more expensive, but it is the king of price comparison. Although the price is slightly more expensive, the service life of the equipment is two to three times that of ordinary blow molding machines. At the same time, the equipment adopts the most advanced and scientific automatic working system. The degree of automation of the equipment is very high. On the other hand, it greatly reduces the labor expenditure and capital investment. In addition to the convenient and convenient operation method of the automatic blow molding machine in actual use and operation, the more important thing is its safety and stability, fully automatic operation, no human intervention, scientific, tight and compact coordination of each part, blow molding The action is more standardized and standard than manual operation, and it has reached a high degree of uniformity. The standardized automatic production process avoids the occurrence of unexpected situations. In this way, the product production environment is very safe and reliable. Fully automated operation without human intervention, so that after the product manufacturing process, the product and the external environment are avoided, so that the product produced is very clean, without the entry of external pollutants and bacteria, and the packaging is healthy. Product safety, so that the fully automatic bottle blowing machine can be connected with the filling production system for supporting production, which also improves labor efficiency. Because of such excellent technology, fully automatic bottle blowing machines are widely used in the field of food packaging, cosmetic bottle making and confectionery food packaging.
To that end, Yosion Machinery has successfully built a solid foundation and infrastructure for bottle blowing machine manufacturing.
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