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Bottle blowing machine application field of globalization

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-09-24
From the main plastic varieties, in the field of bottle blowing machine, the consumption of high density polyethylene film will inherit not disorderly growth; Hollow products application field will be to develop in the direction of many varieties, diversification and specialization; Multi-layer co-extrusion plastic hose, drug use plastic bottles and various hollow container production would be a big growth. Polypropylene consumption ratio will inherit the progress in the field of injection molding products. Four automatic bottle blowing machine world powers America, Japan, Germany, Italy are to face the market and user requirements, the machine revolutions, progressive yield rate as an important indicator of design pursuit. Progress of the yield rate is a main way to progress speed, but progress machine speed is a complicated subject; The higher the speed, the lower the piece from capital, can use plant area has been progress, the failure rate also will progress, will lower the efficiency, so should be to seek the optimal point, the machine speed the progress of the material of other components, the reliability is to produce relevant effect, function and life, in general, the progress speed by 15% ~ 20% will bring a series of complex topic, and electric idea speed is limited, can't think how fast how fast. China now produces plastic products with plastic film ( Including agricultural film) , plastic wire and weaving products, plastic pipe material, and daily plastic products mainly. If applied to divide, plastic bottle blowing machine products is one of the most main plastic applications. By 2010, China fully automatic bottle blowing mechanism products demand will reach 5. 5 million tons, accounting for the total demand for 22. 0%.
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