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by:Yosion Machinery     2021-06-29
Prerequisite knowledge of safe operation specifications for automatic bottle blowing machine (1) Before starting each shift, lubricating oil must be added to each moving part once. (Manipulator, manipulator guide rail, mold opening and closing guide rail) (2) The swing arm can be added once a day (3-4). The large chain and small chain of the heating machine can be used once a month. Frequently check whether the reducer of the main engine and the reducer of the heating machine are short of oil. The main engine bearing can be added once every 3 months. (3) Before production, check whether the moving parts are firm, whether the screws are loose and fall off, especially in places with strong impact, whether the belt drive part is abnormal. (4) Check whether the high-pressure gas source, low-pressure gas source, power source, and water source are normal. (5) Check whether each emergency stop switch, safety door switch, and protection device detection switch are normal. (6) Check whether the heating head enters the embryo, and the embryo drop is working properly. If the embryo insertion is not in place, the nut of the embryo pressing device can be adjusted. (7) Check whether the lamp tube is damaged or broken. It should be replaced in time. (8) Check whether the pneumatic components are leaking and whether their movements are sensitive. (9) Check whether the triplet is abnormally leaking, whether it is blocked, and whether the water cup is too full. (10) When the solenoid valve of the automatic bottle blowing machine encounters an abnormality, it should be cleaned in time (cleaning every 3.5 million bottles). The operating principle of the blow molding machine     blow molding machine is mainly divided into three categories: extrusion blow molding machine, injection blow molding machine and special structure blow molding machine. The processing technology is mainly divided into one-step method and two-step method. One-step and two-step blow molding machine molding processes are mainly used for PET and BOPP hollow container molding. Both have their own characteristics and are widely used. In comparison, the two-step method is more suitable for centralized production of preforms and dispersed blown bottles; while the one-step method is more suitable for online production of beverage companies. The blowing process of the bottle blowing machine mainly has 6 steps: 1) Put the heated plastic embryo into the mold; 2) Use the clamping cylinder to tighten the mold; 3) Use high pressure or mechanical structure to make the embryo mold. Lock; 4) Medium and high pressure pre-blowing, while stretching the cylinder action to expand the mold; 5) High pressure blowing, the preform is shaped according to the mold, and the pressure is kept for a certain period of time; 6) The high pressure in the formed bottle is released, the cylinder Reset-take the bottle. Pneumatic equipment is used in many places during the operation of the bottle blowing machine; from discharging-mold clamping-stretching-high-pressure blowing \ deflation-taking out the bottle, this series of actions are assisted by pneumatic equipment. For example, stretching the high-pressure blowing and deflating circuit, according to Figure 2, we can see that the gas path is divided into two parts, the normal pressure part and the high pressure part. The improvement of the blow molding machine by Delta pneumatic equipment     In this system, Delta pneumatic products can greatly improve the system in the normal pressure part. We recommend the use of Delta pneumatic series equipment: Solenoid valve: adopts internationally renowned brands, such as Parker, Taiwan, etc. Its characteristics are: solenoid valve has large flow rate; long life-more than 50 million times; pilot adopts double air intake structure, Strong environmental resistance; beautiful appearance. Cylinder: It adopts internationally renowned brands, such as SMC from Japan, FESTO from Germany, Airtac from Taiwan, etc. Its characteristics are: for the high speed and poor use environment of the bottle blowing machine, the dynamic sealing ring of the cylinder is changed to a PPD sealing ring structure. This sealing ring It will automatically compensate after being subjected to gas pressure at high speed, thereby reducing the contact pressure between the seal ring and the cylinder wall and increasing the service life of the cylinder. Air gripper: It adopts well-known international brands, such as Japanese SMC, Taiwanese goldware, etc. Its characteristics are: complete variety, high quality, and high cost performance.
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