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Blowing machine, Jeddah exhibition hits the scene directly-professional production of machinery

by:Yosion Machinery     2021-06-15
This is the first time that Jinyi blow molding machine manufacturer has come to the mysterious country of Saudi Arabia. Full of joy and excitement, our company finally arrived at the exhibition site in Jeddah. When we first arrived at the exhibition hall, our company began to build and arrange the booth intensively. The posters of various PET blow molding machines are posted in every corner of the booth, in order to fully display the product overview of our PET blow molding machine, and provide our customers with a variety of blow molding machine options. After setting up the booth, preparing bottle samples and brochures, our company is waiting for customers to visit. Two local buyers from Saudi Arabia were the first to come. They expressed their keen interest in our company's fully automatic PET blow molding machine, and asked our exhibition staff about the machine's performance, output, configuration and other details. The staff of our company also gave a detailed explanation to every question raised by the customer. Looking at the posture of inquiries and answers, you can also feel the warm and focused atmosphere of the scene. During the exhibition, people come and go. Countless professional buyers and exhibition staff have left a deep impression on us. Our company did not forget to take photos with them and recorded these beautiful moments. In leisure time, our company also visited customers' homes at the request of customers. Discuss the most suitable technical solution for the PET blow molding machine according to the customer's needs. During the dinner, I tasted delicious local Saudi delicacies at the customer's home. Looking at this delicious and tempting dinner, it was really drooling. The exhibition that lasted for several days finally came to an end. The beautiful country of Saudi Arabia also left a deep impression on our company. Looking at the unique humanistic landscape here, our company and his party are full of unspeakable attachments. The road still has to move forward, and we are moving forward. Saying goodbye to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, our company will go to the 9th Vietnam Hanoi International Rubber Exhibition from March 22 to March 25, 2017, and bring you the grand occasion of the exhibition.
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