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Blow molding machine troubleshooting

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-08-12
If you have the opportunity for training or a blow molding machine expert to come to your factory to install and debug the blow molding machine, you'd better have the opportunity to participate. This is the best learning opportunity, because you can get a lot of first-hand information and the methods and skills of bottle blowing machine debugging. Through this period of time, there will be great gains, and a lot of internal materials and manuals (confidential to users) can be obtained. When the bottle blowing machine is put into formal production, it should also keep close contact with the relevant experts of the bottle blowing machine. Through FAX and E-MALL, it is very beneficial to ask for further solutions and related materials to solve the difficult faults of the blow molding machine, and to obtain special and special spare parts. If you have a good relationship and ask more, you can also get in-depth information and related spare parts of the controller in time, and you can also have the opportunity to participate in the special learning class about the controller. 2. After a fault occurs, ask the blow molding machine operator about the whole process of the fault. Don't leave it alone, or just ask casually. In this way, the lack of correct on-site information will lead to wrong judgments and complicate the problem. Therefore, you need to ask more and more details to understand the whole process of the blow molding machine failure (start, middle, end), what alarm numbers have been generated, what components have been operated at that time, what have been touched, what have been changed, and what is the external environment. ? On the basis of fully investigating the site and grasping the first-hand materials, the failure problems should be listed correctly. In fact, half of the problems have been solved, and then analyzed and solved. For experienced and skilled bottle blowing machine operators, they are very concerned about Familiar with the operation of the blow molding machine, familiar with the processing procedures, and a good understanding of the common diseases of the blow molding machine. Working closely with them is very beneficial for quick troubleshooting. 3. Ask other maintenance personnel more When other maintenance personnel are repairing the blow molding machine, and you are not there, when they come back, you should also ask more, what happened just now? How did he rule it out? Ask him to describe his exclusion method. It is also a good learning opportunity. Learn other people's correct troubleshooting skills and methods, especially from experienced maintenance personnel, and learn their skills to improve their knowledge and level.
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