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Blow molding machine temperature problem

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-09-05
During the operation of the fully automatic plastic blow molding machine, the temperature problem is the most important and the easiest to ignore. So today I'm going to tell you what happens if the blow molding machine gets too hot? What is the loss of the machine? A clear understanding of the hazard can lead to better problem solving. The following are the consequences of the high temperature of the blow molding machine! 1. It will cause the rubber seal of the blow molding machine to leak and shorten the service life. 2. The temperature of the blow molding machine is too high, which will accelerate the deterioration of the oil, precipitate asphalt substances, block the filter screen, cause the pump to absorb oil difficult and wear the pump, generate noise, leak and reduce the volumetric efficiency of the pump. A small amount of oil can shorten the life of the component, causing it to run slowly. 3. The high temperature of the blow molding machine will also cause thermal changes in the machine, which will cause the moving parts in the hydraulic components to not be assembled correctly, resulting in smaller assembly gaps and failures, thus affecting the transmission accuracy of the transmission system. Hydraulic system. 4. Reduced oil viscosity can cause thinning or splitting of the oil film on spool valves and other moving parts, increasing friction and causing severe wear. 5. The air pressure of the oil is reduced, and the air escapes to generate bubbles, which affects the normal operation of the plastic hollow blow molding machine. The consequences of high blow molding machine temperatures are the five reasons above. After understanding the hazards caused by the high temperature of the blow molding machine, it mainly affects the hydraulic system and components. The hydraulic system is an important part of the hollow blow molding machine. The operation of the blow molding machine is inseparable from the auxiliary machinery and various components of the blow molding machine. They have to cooperate with each other to complete the entire blow molding product manufacturing process. As a professional manufacturer of large blow molding machines and automatic blow molding machines, Plastic Machinery Company has been committed to the production and manufacture of large blow molding machines to achieve more precise temperature control, thus overcoming the over-temperature situation. Blow Molding Machine In order to ensure further blow molding product quality, the technical team has equipped the large-scale hollow blow molding machine with a PLC control system and a more complete hydraulic system, so that the large-scale automatic blow molding machine can be more intelligent, accurate and automated for temperature control. The consequences of the blow molding machine temperature being too high have been shared by everyone, and I believe everyone knows the importance of the temperature control of the blow molding machine. What are the temperature control factors in the processing of hollow blow molding machines? Here is a detailed explanation of the problem! After all, this is a very important process step! If there are friends who are interested in large blow molding machines, there will be technicians waiting for your visit, or those who have various questions about blow molding machines will communicate with the technicians, and we will continue to share various information about blow molding. Small scientific knowledge molding machine.
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