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Blow molding machine safety operating procedures, blow molding machine-mechanical professional blowing machinery and equipment manufacturer

by:Yosion Machinery     2021-05-30
Jinyi Machinery specializes in the production of a series of blow molding machine equipment manufacturers. Due to its excellent technology, automatic blow molding machines are widely used in food packaging, cosmetic bottles, confectionery and food packaging and other fields. There are several points to pay attention to when using the bottle blowing machine: 1. Lubricating oil must be added to each movable part once every day before starting the machine. 2 The swing arm can be added once every 3-4 days. The large chain and small chain of the heating machine can be used once a month. Frequently check whether the reducer of the main engine and the reducer of the heating machine are short of oil. The main engine bearing can be added once every 3 months. 3 Before production, check whether the moving parts are firm, whether the screws are loose and fall off, especially in places with strong impact, whether the belt drive part is abnormal. 4 When starting the machine, you must start the motor first, and delay the start of the heating machine for 30 seconds to prevent voltage fluctuations. Before starting the heating, make sure that the cooling water is turned on. 5 Check whether each emergency stop switch, safety door switch, and protection device detection switch are normal. 6 Check whether the heating head enters the embryo and the embryo drop is working properly. If the embryo insertion is not in place, the nut of the embryo pressing device can be adjusted. 7 Check whether the lamp tube is damaged or broken. It should be replaced in time. 8 Check whether the pneumatic components are leaking and whether their actions are sensitive. 9 Check whether the triplet is leaking abnormally, whether it is blocked, and whether the water storage capacity of the water cup is too full. 10 When the solenoid valve of the automatic bottle blowing machine encounters an abnormality, it must be cleaned in time, once every 50,000 bottles are blown. 11 The blowing mold must be cleaned and polished regularly. 12 When you turn on the high and low pressure air source switch, you must act slowly to prevent the air flow from being too fast and the dirt will be blown into the solenoid valve. At the same time, open the exhaust valve for 30 seconds to ensure that the air is clean. 13 When starting the automatic bottle blowing machine, you must make sure that the mechanical parts are in good condition, there is no one inside the machine, and there is no foreign matter. Especially the crank position, so as not to hurt people. At the same time, close the safety door. 14 Check whether the high-pressure gas source, low-pressure gas source, power source, and water source are normal. 15 After 2-3 minutes of heating start, wait for the oven temperature to rise evenly, and then press the embryo button. At the same time, the blowing must be turned on, otherwise the blowing will not be possible.
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