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Blow molding machine debugging skills

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-04-27
How to debug the blow molding machine? The debugging of the blow molding machine first depends on what brand and type of blow molding machine you are. The principles of different models and brands of equipment are also different, so the method of adjusting the blow molding machine is also different. Next, we will introduce the adjustment of the temperature and production speed of the blow molding machine, as well as the debugging of the plasticizing system of the blow molding machine. Automatic bottle blowing machine temperature adjustment When the automatic bottle blowing machine is processed, it is necessary to pay attention to some temperature control to ensure the production of suitable plastic bottles. The production speed adjustment of the blow molding machine slows down the speed by increasing the exhaust time and increasing the saturated pressure time, and at the same time reduces the overall temperature of the light box. For each increase of 0 and 1S, the overall temperature of the light box needs to be reduced by 1%. Increasing the speed is the opposite of reducing the speed. (The minimum exhaust time is 0, 8S, after 0, 8S, there will be bottle jumping phenomenon due to untimely exhaust) No matter whether the speed is increased or decreased, it should not be too fast, and each time it changes at most 0, 3S after a period of time Observe the quality of the bottle, and adjust the speed after the quality of the bottle is stable. Every time you adjust the speed, you must carefully observe the quality of the bottle and adjust the temperature of the light box at any time. Every time the blowing cycle is changed by 0, 1S, the output of bottles per hour will change by about 50. The blowing machine should adjust the blowing speed reasonably according to the speed of the filling machine.
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