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by:Yosion Machinery     2021-06-15
I just bid farewell to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia at the beginning of the month. The enthusiasm and keen interest of local customers at the exhibition are still fresh in memory, and they continue to inspire Jinyi blow molding machine manufacturers to pursue craftsmanship and improve service. The upcoming Hanoi International Plastic Packaging Exhibition in Vietnam also makes us excited. I went to Saudi Arabia not only to participate in the exhibition, but also to be invited to the customer’s home to help the customer formulate pet technical solutions. This time I went to Vietnam to participate in the exhibition. Many Vietnamese customers also sent us an invitation when they learned about it. Meet them during the exhibition. Vietnamese customers are also very enthusiastic. After returning from Saudi Arabia, the Saudi customer also sent us the production drawings of the machine. The customer's warehouse was filled with plastic barrels produced by our Jinyi bottle blowing machine. The customer also expressed praise for the performance of our machine. Many Vietnamese customers are also very interested in this machine. I hope to get to know the specific machine information with us this time. There are also a few customers from Hanoi who have purchased our machine. Please give us guidance on how to do it after going to Hanoi. For the use of the machine, we also look forward to meeting with them and providing services. The 9th Vietnam Hanoi International Plastic Industry Exhibition will be held at the Hanoi International Convention and Exhibition Center on March 22-25, 2017. The exhibition will last for 5 days. As a professional representative conference of the Vietnamese plastics industry, HanoiPlas fully covers the upper, middle and lower reaches of the plastics industry. It will be a feast in the industry by then. Jinyi blow molding machine manufacturers will also serve Vietnamese customers with enthusiasm and professionalism. There is only less than a week left to the Vietnam exhibition, and we should prepare well, which will bring more specific grand occasions and the wonderful experience of the Jinyi team in Vietnam.
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