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by:Yosion Machinery     2021-06-10

Zhangjiagang Jinyi Machinery Co., Ltd. supplies plastic blow molding machine, quality assurance, welcome to consult and negotiate. Our series of fully automatic bottle blowing machines are suitable for blowing plastic containers of any shape using PET, PE, PC, PP and other thermoplastics as raw materials. They are widely used in blowing carbonated beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, oil bottles, and pesticide bottles. , Cosmetic bottles, large-caliber bottles and hot-filled bottles. The blow molding machine adopts an automatic tube-feeding system, fan-shaped opening and closing of the film, reducing the cylinder stroke and cylinder diameter, increasing the production speed, reasonable design, realizing full automation of production, low investment, quick results, convenient operation and maintenance, on-site installation, debugging, Training. Perfect quality assurance, full service, so you can buy and use with peace of mind. This series of blow molding machines are suitable for the hollow molding of PET raw materials for polyester blowing, as well as other thermoplastic blow molding grade plastics. Such as PC, PE, PP, PS, AS and other plastics. What is now being introduced to the market is to integrate the advanced transmission devices and automatic control technology at home and abroad. 

Zhangjiagang Jinyi Machinery Co., Ltd. is a bottle blowing machine manufacturer specializing in the production of blow molding machines. The series of automatic blow molding machines have the characteristics of fast production speed, stable operation, small power consumption, small size, low cost, long service life, convenient maintenance, and safety. . The advantages of the bottle blowing machine: 1. Small size, low power consumption, convenient operation and maintenance. 2. Advanced PLC control system, time control can be accurate to 0.01 second. 3. Special air storage device. 4. Infrared preform heater. 5. Different heating lamps are equipped with independent temperature control devices to ensure the ideal heating effect of the preform. 6. The direction of the heating lamp can be adjusted according to different preforms. 9. The blowing machine only needs one person to operate, and no special training is required. 10. Easy to install and start. 11. The scrap rate of finished products is less than 0.2%.

The bottle blowing machine approach to pet bottle machine price is becoming increasingly popular; consequently, there is a surge in the demand for .
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