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How many people in Yosion Machinery R&D department?
Under the tide of independent research development, Yosion Machinery sticks to investing in the product innovation. There are many technological engineers in the R&D department, which together form a team to conduct mechanical experiments and component tests. Yosion Machinery will also partner with domestic science and technology institutions to absorb the updated industry knowledge. By supporting our R&D engineers to participate in global seminars, we guarantee our independent research development capability. More engineers are welcome to join us to build a more potential R&D team.

Yosion Machinery has become the core competitiveness among suppliers who manufacture pet bottle blowing machine. So far, we have achieved great accomplishment in manufacturing and developing of the products. Yosion Machinery's main products include plastic bottle making machine series. The product operates nearly with no noise during the entire dehydration process. The design enables the whole body of the product to stay balanced and stable. It can replace the preform holder fast within 5 minutes. This product is generally very decorative and is available in a nearly endless selection of colors and styles. Users can expect a nice-looking bedroom with this product. The product has been exported to over 100 countries and areas.

We require workers to take part in our training themed at green technologies and practices. After the training, we will strive to recycle and reuse useful materials and moderate emissions in the process.
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