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How many people in Yosion Machinery export department?
Yosion Machinery is enlarging the number of workers for the export department. This department monitors the export of semi automatic pet blow molding machine via a collection of criteria and policies. All workers in our export industry are qualified to offer professional services.

Directed by the market and combined with manufacturing, study, and research of manual bottle blowing machine, Yosion Machinery has significantly improved its core competence. Yosion Machinery's main products include blowing machine series. The design of Yosion Machinery pet bottle machine is of professionalism. It is carried out by our designers who concern about safety as well as the users’ convenience for manipulating, convenience for hygienic cleaning, and convenience for maintenance. Its independent temperature control device ensures the best preform heating effect. Users can experiment with different shades with this product until they find the right one to suit their preferences. Its operation time can be precisely controlled to 0.01seconds.

As a responsible company that attaches high importance to our surroundings, we are working hard on reducing production emissions such as waste gas and cut resource waste.
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