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What are the faults of the hydraulic system of the blow molding machine? How to eliminate them?

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-05-02
Common manifestations of failure ① oil leakage. Oil leakage is a common fault in the hydraulic system of the blow molding machine, and it is also a fault that is difficult to solve completely. It reduces the technical parameters of the hydraulic transmission of the blow molding machine, pollutes the equipment and the environment, and makes the hydraulic system of the blow molding machine unable to operate at all. Leakage can be divided into internal leakage and external leakage. External leakage is easy to observe, while internal leakage is not easy to observe. Internal leakage refers to the leakage of a small amount of liquid inside the hydraulic component from the high pressure chamber to the low pressure chamber. The greater the internal leakage, the greater the heat generation of the components, which can be controlled by debugging the hydraulic components to reduce the wear of the components. Internal leakage can also be reduced and eliminated through improved service design of hydraulic components. The reasons for external leakage are roughly as follows: First, there is looseness at the pipe joint or the sealing ring is damaged, which should be solved by tightening the joint or replacing the sealing ring; second, there is external leakage at the joint surface of the components, mainly due to the pre-tightening force of the fastening screws. If it is not enough and the sealing ring is worn out, the pre-tightening force should be increased or the sealing ring should be replaced; third, the external leakage at the journal is caused by the internal pressure of the component shell being higher than the allowable pressure of the oil seal or the damage of the oil seal. The solution is to reduce the internal pressure of the housing or replace the oil seal; fourth, external leakage occurs at the dynamic fit, such as external leakage at the piston rod and valve stem due to poor installation, low pre-pressure of the Y-shaped seal or damage to the oil seal. Replace the oil seal in time and adjust the pre-tightening force of the Y-shaped sealing ring; fifth, the oil level gauge in the fuel tank leaks oil. ② fever. There are two reasons for the heating of the hydraulic system of the blow molding machine: one is the unreasonable design, and the other is the oil pollution during the operation of the system. The heat-generating parts of the system can be checked by the hand feeling method. For example, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors and relief valves are all components that are prone to heat. As long as you touch the component shell with your hand, you can find out whether the component shell is overheated. When the temperature of the component shell rises to 65 ℃, the general human hand cannot bear it. If you can put your hand on the housing of the component, it means that the oil temperature is still below the high temperature allowed by the system components. If the hand cannot touch due to the overheating of the casing, it means that the oil temperature is too high, and measures should be taken to control the oil temperature in time. Without affecting the normal operation of the system, the hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor can usually be directly cooled to control heat generation. ③ Vibration and noise. In the hydraulic equipment of the blow molding machine, the generation of vibration and noise comes from two aspects: the mechanical transmission components and the hydraulic system itself. The main root cause is the mismatch between hydraulic pump and system parameters. Although the hydraulic actuator also produces noise, its working time is always shorter than that of the hydraulic pump, and its severity is far less than that of the hydraulic pump. The noise generated by various control valves is also lower than that of hydraulic pumps. If resonance occurs, it is often caused by unreasonable matching of system parameters.
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