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In the application of aseptic packaging bottle blowing machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-09-28
Bottle blowing machine is common in life, use it to self-made teaching aid and guide students to do some physical experiment, can close physical contact with life, to make the students feel, the relationship between science and society, life can also cultivate the students' creativity, can protect the environment. Homemade and collected some I use self-made teaching AIDS and bottle blowing machine design of experiment, by sharing information. Bottle blowing machine in the application of aseptic packaging for aseptic packaging technology provides a wide space of development. So-called aseptic packaging, it is after sterilization of food and beverage, dairy products, condiments, such as under the environment of aseptic packaging, closed after sterilization containers. This kind of packing without preservatives, without refrigeration condition, has a long shelf life. Aseptic packaging and the asepsis packing: is the difference between the asepsis packing for packaging first, and then packing materials and liquid - bottle blowing machine The cooking sterilization; And asepsis packing is made of super high temperature instantaneous sterilization or microwave sterilization, need a few seconds, 10 seconds, to avoid the excessive loss of nutrients, flavor, is a new technology. In recent years, sterile sterile cup type liquid bottle blowing machine and bottle blowing machine packaging has been rapid development. Using recycled bottle blowing machine in low temperature is safe, even if is punctuated with poisonous and harmful substances, used in low temperature relatively safer, but over and over again, long time use must be a health risk. If it is in there hot water and add in the plastic processing additives in the high temperature will dissolve out, it is harmful to human body, some even are carcinogenic. Bottle blowing machine will exist in the repeated use of certain hazards, especially after after contact with high temperature affect the normal human body, it is difficult to ensure that after drinking the normal human body health, so in the use of bottle blowing machine the attention of the use of the good ways and methods, to ensure the safety and efficacy of bottle blowing machine use.
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