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Essentials for purchasing mineral water, water bottles, beverage bottles-professional production of machinery

by:Yosion Machinery     2021-05-05
Jinyi Machinery provides you with a bottle blowing machine. The following are the key points for purchasing mineral water. 1. Check whether the label meets the requirements of food labeling, whether there is product name, water source, bromate content, registered trademark, date, etc. If it is not complete, it is not suitable for purchase. 2. Check whether the bottle cap is intact and flat, and whether there is water leakage when the bottle is upside down. 3. Check whether the contents of the bottle have other colors or flocculent precipitation. If there is such a phenomenon, it is not suitable to buy. 4. Qualified mineral water should have no peculiar smell when drinking. For example, mineral water with higher lead and sodium has a slightly salty taste; higher calcium and magnesium have astringent taste; a little salty because of the higher strontium content; mineral water with higher carbon dioxide has a unique stimulus. In addition to the above-mentioned conditions, regular mineral water manufacturers pay more attention to packaging, which is delicate and beautiful. 5. Outer packaging identification: high-quality mineral water is packaged in non-toxic plastic bottles produced by blowing machine, beautiful in appearance and fine workmanship; bottle caps use twist-off plastic anti-counterfeiting caps, and some have anti-counterfeiting inner plugs; the surface is fully pasted Trademark, color printing, complete product name, factory address, and production date, indicating various trace elements and content in mineral water, and some also indicating the name of the inspection and certification unit. 6. Identification of color and water body: high-quality mineral water is clean, colorless and transparent, free of suspended matter and sediment, and the water body is not sticky. 7. Identification of smell and taste: high-quality mineral water is pure, refreshing and has no peculiar smell, and some have the special taste of the product, such as a slight salty taste.
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