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Automatic bottle blowing machine troubleshooting tips

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-05-14
The automatic blow molding machine is a mechanical, electrical control, crystal integrated crystal, electrical composite, multiple hydraulic pipelines crossed, many types of controllers, and strange and different fault phenomena. Large blow molding machines have thousands of parts. If one of the parts is faulty, it will cause abnormal blowers, as well as wiring. A little negligence will cause problems. In addition, large blow molding machines are bulky and non-constant temperature blow molding is used under the conditions of the workshop. Environmental influences can easily lead to failures. For this reason, the problem of 'difficulty in maintenance' of imported blow molding machines is in front of us. How to quickly identify faults, hide dangers, and eliminate them in time? I think we must first have a high sense of responsibility; second, we must work hard to master CNC hydraulic technology, practice for many years in maintenance of fans, see more, ask, remember, think more, train more, and gradually improve their technical standards and maintenance capabilities , adapt to a variety of more complex situations, solve difficult problems, and repair blow molding machines. 1. See the electronic circuit information of the automatic bottle blowing machine to see more, understand the characteristics and functions of the electronic circuit system of various automatic bottle blowing machines and PC, PLC programmable logic controller; understand the alarm and function of the electronic circuit system of the blower Troubleshooting method; understand the meaning of PC, PLC blower parameter setting; understand PC, PLC programming language; understand the programming method of the automatic blow molding machine; to understand the operation of the blower control panel and the content of the menu, there is often a lot of information, how about it? I think the main focus is on the prominent internal and external key, the key is to have a thorough understanding of the basic composition and structure of the blower controller. The rest can be 'tours' and pass-throughs, but each part of the content should focus on understanding and mastering. Since the internal wiring diagram of the blower controller is quite complicated, the manufacturer does not provide it. So you don't need to go into details. Focus on understanding the role of each part, the function of the board, the whereabouts of the interface, and the meaning of the LED lights. At present, the model of the automatic blow molding machine controller has a fast update speed. Different manufacturers and different models are often very different. Learn about their commonalities and personalities. 2. Look at the electrical diagram of the blow molding machine, and digest the electrical diagram of the blow molding machine. For each electrical component, such as: contactor, relay, time relay, etc., as well as PC, PLC input and output, do it one by one in the electrical diagram. 3. Look at the hydraulic diagram of the blower, and in-depth digestion in the diagram shows that this kind of mechanical action from electric to very last, at the same time, especially in the machine, the relationship between the electrical parts is more important to understand, while Now the electro-hydraulic proportional technology of the blower, focusing on understanding its function and function, understanding the adjustment method and adjustment data, static and dynamic proportional valve current and corresponding pump pressure, not only understanding the machine, understanding the mechatronics, mastering various skills, ability to solve big problem. For blowers, hydraulic diagrams, to figure out their role and context. And indicate one by one in the drawing, such as which action of the clamping solenoid valve? Corresponding PC, PLC output, is the input number?
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