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Automatic bottle blowing machine more market competition ability

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-10-16
Future automatic bottle blowing machine industry will cooperate with industrial automation trends, technology will develop towards four directions: one is the mechanical function diversification. Industrial and commercial products have tendency of refinement and diversity, changes in the environment situation, diversity, flexibility and has a variety of switch function of packaging machine can adapt to the market demand. Secondly, the structure design, standardization and modularization. Make full use of existing model modularization design, can in a short period of time converting the new models. Three is to control the intelligent. Now commonly used PLC automatic bottle blowing factory and power load controller, PLC elasticity is very big, but still did not have a computer, Including software) Have strong function.

although the gas recycling system only can provide a drawing, blowing two parts, and small investment ( SBO10/14, for example just twenty thousand or so, depending on the accessories price) And return ( Save cost 16 ~ 200000) , independence is strong, A failure or other reasons, can use the original gas supply system) , high flexibility, Simple installation, convenient) , very accord with the fundamental principles of our technological transformation project, make the product more market competition ability. The working principle of the automatic bottle blowing machine system is relatively simple, due to the need to supply the drawing of cylinder and blowing this part, the installation structure is also very convenient, it is worth noting that the recycle gas and the balance between consumption volume, therefore in the production of different volumetric flask son should grasp the good relationship between supply and demand.

plastic bottles are generally use hollow equipment production, production of plastic hollow extruding machine. Hollow machine produces the product has a characteristic, in the middle is empty, is formed by blowing into the compressed air. And the products of the injection molding machine if the middle is empty there must be a corresponding mold to form a cavity, is bound to have a demoulding problem. So the bottle mouth must be larger than the internal injection molding machine production, otherwise unable to release.

taizhou machinery is specializing in the production of fully automatic rotary plastic bottle blowing machine machine, reciprocating bottle blowing machines, against the mouth bottle blowing machine, independent research and development. Suit for PE, PP as raw material, 5 ml 5 liters of all kinds of hollow plastic bottles. Products for faster, more compact, more stable and sold well all over the country. This unit USES the screw extrusion blow molding process, electrical, pneumatic, mechanical one. Adopts frequency conversion control system makes performance is more stable, more energy efficient. The machine adopts jie 'brand reducer, frequency control of motor speed, Japan omron close to switch, the original Shanghai pneumatic, excellent design, stable performance. It is mainly used for fruit bottles. Pesticide bottles. Medicine bottle. A hollow products such as oil barrels.

The manufacture marketing game of bottle blowing machine is changing with each innovation, and businesses of all products need to be ready to pounce.
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