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Automatic bottle blowing machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-05-30
Bottle blowing machine is the result of integration of mechanical, electric, hydraulic, electrical complex hydraulic pipeline crossing line, the controller is multifarious, the fault phenomenon is various, each are not identical. Large bottle blowing machine with tens of thousands of components, only if one of the components have fault, it will cause abnormal phenomenon of bottle blowing machines, and wire connection problems, there is a little carelessness, plus large bulky bottle blowing machine, in the absence of thermostatic bottle blowing workshop under the conditions of use, the influence of the environment is easy to cause failure. To this end, imported bottle blowing machine & other; Maintenance difficult & throughout; The problem is put in front of us. How to quickly find out the fault and hidden danger, and in a timely manner to eliminate it? I think the first thing to have a high sense of responsibility; Second, try to master CNC hydraulic technology and years of maintenance practice of bottle blowing machines think should look more, ask more, remember more, think more, more practice, gradually improve their technical level and maintenance capacity, can adapt to various complicated situation, solve the difficult problem, fix the bottle blowing machine. To see the bottle blowing machine electronic circuit data to see, to understand all kinds of bottle blowing machine and PC electronic circuit system, features and functions of PLC programmable controller; To understand the bottle blowing machine alarm and elimination method of electronic circuit system; To understand the meaning of PC, PLC bottle blowing machine parameter setting. To understand the PC and PLC programming language; To understand the bottle blowing motor for programming method; To understand the bottle blowing machine control panel of the operation and the content of each menu, often a lot of information, what do you think? I think the major should be highlighted, find out, the focus is on read and bottle blowing machine basic composition and structure of the controller, control block diagram. The rest can be & other; Visit & throughout; And read, but each part to be focused understanding and grasp. Bottle blowing machine controller due to the internal circuit diagram is very complex, and manufacturers are not provided. So don't need to understand in detail. To focus on the role of the each part, the function of the board, the whereabouts of the interface, the meaning of LED lights, etc. Now the bottle blowing machine controller models, updating fast, different manufacturers, different models are often very different. To understand the commonness and individuality. The company mainly produces automatic bottle blowing machine
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