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Using green and energy-saving blow molding machines, Baitong calls on everyone to protect together

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-09-04
As a plastic product producer, the bottle blowing machine sprays liquid plastic, and uses the wind generated by the machine to blow the sprayed plastic onto the mold cavity of a specific shape, and cools it to form the product to be produced. This method Greatly improved production efficiency. But we all know that the raw material of the blow molding machine is plastic, and it consumes electricity when it works. Baitong actively carries out product innovation, and strives to reduce energy consumption as much as possible on the basis of completing the basic functions of the blow molding machine to produce energy-saving blow molding machines. Let's take a look at how Xiabaitong's energy-saving blow molding machine is realized! There are two parts to realize the energy-saving blow molding machine, namely the power part and the heating part. The main function of the power part is to generate wind power. It uses the inverter to save energy. Usually, it will save the remaining energy consumption of the motor. The power of the motor is changed by the inverter to adjust the input power to the power required by the motor, just like an air conditioner. Inverter air conditioner in . The transformation of the inverter to the blow molding machine makes the current of the motor many times higher than the rated current, which will affect the service life of the motor in the long run. Therefore, Huawang has transformed the inverter to realize the soft start of the motor. The adjustment of the frequency achieves the purpose of saving energy. Another realization part is the heating part, which is mainly used to heat plastics into liquids. Generally, electromagnetic heaters are used to save energy. The electromagnetic heaters improve the utilization rate of heat energy by increasing the thermal insulation layer. The heat energy loss caused by heat energy transfer, and its heating speed is fast, which improves the production efficiency. It saves 30% to 70% of electricity than the old-fashioned resistance coil. The professionals of Baitong remind everyone to pay attention to some plastic products made of waste bottle caps through recycled plastic granulators. It is recommended that you choose less brightly colored plastic products in your life, especially plastic bags, because these products are usually of unknown origin. , chemical components may cause harm to health. We must be alert to the irresponsible behavior of some unscrupulous merchants. When choosing blow molding machines and plastic products, choose qualified manufacturers and products with better quality, and try to buy energy-saving blow molding machines. The Baitong plastic machinery produced by Baitong has high technology content and is exported to foreign markets, and also occupies an important share in the domestic market. It has its own research institute and has designed one after another new products for industrial production, and most importantly, Huawang strictly adheres to the operating rules of sunshine price, no second price and the most affordable price, to ensure that you are buying cypress Excellent value for money when compared to an energy-efficient blow molding machine. Welcome to buy Baitong Plastic Machinery, we have products of different grades and scales, I hope you can choose a suitable blow molding machine.
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