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Strengths in the field of glass bottles in the packaging

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-10-31
Use broken glass, soda ash, sodium nitrate, carbonate, quartz sand and other materials in the manufacturing and become, through 1600 degrees high temperature melting process made a containers, such as shape, can according to different styles of different mould of the glass bottle, there are all sorts of wine bottles, beverage bottles, pickles bottles, honey bottles, can, 0. 5 kg / 2. 5 kg / 4 kg jars, etc. All kinds of glass bottles. Pervious to light glass bottles with seal to long-term retention is highly sensitive to moisture products. Strengths in the field of glass packaging container in packaging, cut off 1, glass material has good function, can be very good to prevent with oxygen and other gas content, and at the same time can prevent built-in objects can be volatile components to the atmosphere evaporation; 2, glass can be used repeatedly, can reduce packaging capital; 3, glass can be more easily to change a color and transparency; 4, glass safety and health, and good corrosion resistance and acid corrosion ability, suitable for acid ( If the vegetable juice drinks, etc. ) The packaging; 5, in addition, because glass is suitable for the produce of the automatic filling production line of collecting bottle automatic filling technology and equipment development of more mature, also used glass bottles packaging map has certain produce fruit and vegetable juice drinks in the upper hand.
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