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Shocking bottle blowing machine products

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-10-21
In numerous automatic bottle blowing machine, each type has the scope and characteristics of their adaptation, such ability different products to meet different customer's request. To be introduced below is high speed PET rotary automatic bottle blowing machine. It has the following several features: A, consumption process all complete automation, saving investment, high efficiency and lunch, simple maintenance and safe operation etc; B, walks machine automatically send blank; C, the cooling effect of cooling system to reach the ideal; D, the tubes in the heating, reflex plate width and height can regulate, with appropriate bottle of billet heating of different structure, and has installed automatic exhaust temperature, to ensure that the path of constant temperature; E every mechanical action, bottle blowing machine has safe self-locking installation, when rendering a process problem, the program will automatically switch to the safe state; F, each action is driven by cylinder, do not use the oil pump, has no pollution, low noise advantages; G, bottle scrap rate lower than 0. 2%; H, the adoption of high pressure and hyperbolic arm connecting rod clamping, strong clamping force; I, operation manual and automatic two ways; J, safe reliable valve position design together, is to let gas path became like the palm of his hand; K, bottle blowing machine movements and blowing gas path design divided into three parts, in order to meet the needs of bottle blowing, action of different pressure. L, M bottles from pollution, using infrared light tube heating, strong penetrating power, bottle preform rotation is heated, orbit, average heating, fast reliable; N, adopts advanced microcomputer control system, stable performance, installation, O start simple
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