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Optimization design of medicinal plastic bottles

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-10-28
In many packaging plastic bottle, plastic bottle is the most widely used type of packaging container, it has been applied in pharmaceutical packaging. Plastic bottles are widely used because it is qualitative light, durable, good barrier property, easy forming, changing shape, low cost and a series of advantages, with very strong competitiveness in the packaging industry. With the rapid development of China's pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical packaging industry began to the front desk, become an important part of China's pharmaceutical industry development. Current our country medicine packing industry overall technical level is not high, far behind the developed countries, pharmaceutical packaging in developed countries accounted for 30% of the value of the drug, and less than 10% in our country. Over the next five years is still the key period of pharmaceutical industry rapid development in our country, there is a huge opportunity. So many factors contributing to the international competition of the commodity market, product quality, price, packaging design are three main factors. As a marketing expert abroad say: & other; To market access roads, the packaging design is one of the most important, the packaging of goods the effect of the overall image as advertising. ” So we must seize this great opportunity of development, innovation, do STH unconventional or unorthodox, the product is new, strange, rich modern consciousness can develop produce competitive products, is the key of enterprise survival and development. And the birth of the competitive products, first of all, starting with the optimization of product design. Optimization design of the first point: must understand plastic bottles shall meet the following functions. 1) Plastic bottles must have the function of the protection of built-in objects, plastic bottles can be moisture-proof, waterproof, dustproof, and corrosion resistance. Dust, water and other liquid material on the outside barrier; To prevent the pollution of packing materials and corrosion; Prevent ultraviolet penetration, to adapt to changes in the environment temperature, protect the package from sunlight and uv damage. 2) Plastic bottles must be bear the function of external force, it can adapt to a variety of modes of transportation and warehouse storage way, protect the built-in objects from damage. 3) Plastic bottles to make goods display function, the modelling of plastic bottles can be beautiful, bright colors, bright and clean surface and transparency, the functions of display the goods. To attract customers, arouse the desire to buy customers. For example, different colors of bottle, can clear goods series, types or models of transparent plastic bottles can display contents of colour and quality of pure; Translucent plastic bottles are part of a display or hidden content items; Opaque plastic bottles can be canned is equipped with all kinds of color items. Plastic surface printing, printing information can be passed directly to the consumer. Plastic bottles should be has the function of easy to use plastic bottle design should consider to open convenient, and can open and closed many times, the dumping contents more convenient. Does not produce sputtering hurtful phenomenon. Design the product, may be added other functions in a sealed device: such as anti-counterfeiting, anti-theft, anti clogging, spray, etc. Optimization design of the second point: it is early in the product design, designers must carry out market research, clear customer requirements, the use of the same products in the same industry, familiar with the molding equipment and production technology level of this enterprise, establish the preliminary concept of the product design. Optimization design of the third point: is according to the technical data and design experience and imagination, material formula, molding process, do STH unconventional or unorthodox. The product image, product innovation design rendering, or model, form the preliminary design. Design is the focal point to consider: the stiffness and the shape of product design, printing surface design, edge and wipe Angle design, at the bottom of the bottle design, design, etc. Plastic bottles should have enough stiffness and beautiful shape. Plastic bottle of the most common shape is round, square, oval, etc. From the point of use, they each have their advantages and disadvantages. The round plastic stiffness is higher, but the appearance is not beautiful. Square plastic bottles, beautiful shape, but not easy to control when molding plastic uniform wall thickness. Oval plastic bottles, rigidity is high, but the mould manufacturing cost is higher. So to ensure the stiffness of plastic bottles, in addition to choose the material with high rigidity, but also by the shape of the plastic bottle design, enhancing stiffness and load resistance strength of plastic bottles.
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