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Introduction and production process of high-speed linear PET automatic bottle blowing machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-07-19
High-speed Linear PET Automatic Blow Molding Machine - Maximum Capacity: 600ml (BC-600-6) is a two-step rotary PET automatic blow molding machine with 6 cavities in one outlet, suitable for blowing PET , PP and other crystalline plastics as raw materials for carbonated beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, cosmetic bottles, large-caliber bottles, high-temperature bottles and other packaging containers. 2. Production process: the process of the bottle blowing machine 1. The preforms of the preforms are fed into the storage hopper; the conveyor belt will automatically lift the preforms to the preform processing place, and then the preforms are neatly arranged in the feeder. On the embryo guide rail, the preforms that have been arranged can automatically enter the blow molding machine equipment by gravity. Using a unique method of preform management, the process of preform management is fully automated, and the preform management efficiency is high and does not hurt or jam the preforms. 2. Temperature regulation The preform is placed on the heating mandrel by a manipulator, and the preform that rotates at a constant speed continuously passes through the heating area to obtain a reasonable temperature distribution. The infrared heating controlled by intelligent industrial control instrument is adopted, and the temperature of each layer of infrared lamps can be controlled independently. The bottle neck protection devices in the heating area are carefully designed, so that the bottle preform can obtain the ideal temperature curve configuration while the bottle neck is not affected by heating. . 3. The cylinder guide rail mechanism of the stretch blow molding machine accurately controls the opening and closing of the mold base. The simple and firm structure of the mold base makes the replacement of the mold more convenient and fast; the special mold clamping and pressurization system; each mold can be conveniently controlled through the touch screen. The blowing parameters of the cavity have good fault diagnosis function; the special structure of the blowing nozzle ensures the reliability of sealing under various blowing pressures, and the original blowing control method improves the yield of the product. 4. After the finished bottle is discharged and blown, the robot automatically takes the bottle out of the heating mandrel and conveys it to the conveyor belt to ensure the continuity of production. The bottle can be unloaded from the conveyor belt and stored in the bottle bin. Embedding machine rowing embryos, automatic embryo arranging manipulators, infrared heating manipulators taking bottle blow molding station (sealing-stretching-bottle blowing) Zhangjiagang City Co., Ltd. specializes in R&D and production of various specifications of bottle blowing machine manufacturers.
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