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Common problems and detailed solutions for bottle blowing machines

by:Yosion Machinery     2021-06-03
1. What should I do with the bottom of the bottle blown by the bottle blowing machine? Analysis: The common factor of bottle accumulation is that the stretching rod is not adjusted in place. It is recommended that the stretching ratio between the preform and the bottle body is preferably 1:2.5 (excluding the mouth part), and the heating temperature is adjusted at the same time to extend the pre-blowing. gas.   2. What should I do if the mouth of the bottle blown by the bottle blowing machine is deformed?  Analysis: Bottle mouth deformation Generally, during the heating process of the preform, the transmission chain drives the bottle base to transfer the temperature to the preform mouth. During the heating process, the temperature continues to accumulate and the bottle mouth bulges and deforms. You only need to increase the air-cooling or water-cooling of the bottle mouth. If the customer's conditions permit, you can refer to the imported machine to install central air-conditioning in the production workshop to keep the ambient temperature of the workshop at normal temperature.  3. How should the blow molding machine operate, and which accessories should be checked?  Analysis: As long as the equipment is controlled strictly in accordance with the method in the instruction manual and the performance of each safety door is checked regularly, the equipment as a whole is safe. But the biggest hidden danger of the equipment is mainly on the seals of the water jacket and air jacket. For example, the water and air jacket are damaged, and the maintenance works are more troublesome.   4. How much chiller is needed for carbonated beverage blowing machine to blow the bottle?   The chiller equipped with carbonated bottles is about 5 horses larger than the chiller equipped with water bottles. A simpler algorithm can be calculated at 1200 bottles/hp, for example: 36000 bottles/hour can be equipped with a 30-hp chiller. In order to ensure the stress requirements of the carbonate bottle bottom, the cooling time is generally 1.2 seconds, and the bottom mold temperature is 11 degrees. The number of lamp zones in the heating furnace can be referred to the configuration of the hot filling machine, and the effective heating time of the preform should be no less than 33 seconds.  5. What is the maximum temperature resistance of the non-crystalline blowing bottle mouth of the hot-filling bottle blowing machine? How many grams of preforms are needed?  Analysis: At present, the preform mouths used in the production of hot-filled bottles in the industry are generally divided into crystalline mouths and non-crystalline mouths, and non-crystalline mouths are divided into 28 mouths and 38 mouths. As far as the bottle mouth is concerned, the crystalline mouth can withstand 100 degrees without deformation, but the upper limit of the heat resistance of the non-crystal mouth is only 92 degrees. If it is higher, the mouth will be deformed by heat. The preform and gram weight used for blowing the medium temperature bottle are best selected according to the requirements of hot filling. If it is designed according to the single-mode 1700 bottles/hour, the single-mode cycle is 2.1 seconds, of which 1/4 of the time is the time to unlock the mold, and the remaining 3/4 of the time is the process time, minus the balance, Sealing, stretching, and pre-blowing are 0.2 seconds. In fact, the time for high-pressure forming and pressure-holding crystallization is only 1 second, the time for cold blowing and setting is 0.3 seconds, and the time for closing and closing is 0.1 seconds. The time allocation mentioned here is only a reference value, and the specific time should be adjusted and guaranteed in real time through the control panel during production. Strictly speaking, compressed air must be processed by a freeze dryer before it can be used for high blowing and cold blowing, and because the pipeline between the air compressor and the bottle blowing machine is long, in order to avoid the exposed pipeline from being exposed to the sun , The compressed air pipeline used for cold blowing and shaping must be covered with thermal insulation cotton to ensure that the temperature of the air source is not affected. Summary: The above are the most common problems in the use of the bottle blowing machine. The bottle blowing machine causes different bottle problems during the blowing process. On the one hand, it is related to the structure of the bottle blowing machine itself, and on the other hand, it is the problem of debugging and use. , Most of the faults are caused by improper use of human factors. When you encounter problems, don’t worry, carefully analyze the difficult points of the blow molding machine fault, carry out troubleshooting one by one or consult the sales service engineer of the blow molding machine manufacturer. Related recommendation: How to solve the common problems of automatic bottle blowing machine blowing bottle fault solution The bottle blowing machine blows the bottle bottom is not flat, the bottom of the bottle is uneven, what should I do? Expert answers! The bottom of the bottle blown by the bottle blowing machine is not formed. The solution. The bottle bottom of the bottle blowing machine. Causes and solutions. Causes and adjustment methods of the bottom of the bottle of the automatic bottle blowing machine. method
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