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Automatic bottle blowing machine sealing leakage

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-10-30
1, sealing cylinder pressure enough, if choose the system of low pressure sealing cylinder, low pressure can keep below 8 kg, general water bottle is no problem. But also depends on high pressure air pressure, if pressure blown gas pressure is too large, will seal cylinder to press, if reduce high pressure can also be blown into a bottle is high pressure to reduce, or high voltage stress, clamping pressure is too small it will open the mould, can also lead to the seal leakage, can automatically clamping pressure. 2, seal is damaged or the pincer-like device, if deviating from the pincer-like device that will leak. 3, sealing the cylinder block or seal is damaged, if seal damage can be directly reflected, open the seal cylinder solenoid valve. Whether four electromagnetic valve, sealing cylinder gas leakage or jammed or exhaust, these are the cause of the leak sealing cylinder.
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