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Analysis of internal coating technology of PET bottle blowing machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-07-20
Analysis of the internal coating technology of the PET bottle blowing machine Since the separation layer of the PET bottle blowing machine is in the bottle, it can avoid damage during storage, so that the product can achieve a longer shelf life. Tests have shown that this type of blow molding machine achieves very good results in maintaining product quality and preserving taste, and can make the product shelf life range from 4 to 12 months according to customer requirements for product shelf life. Through continuous improvement, the current technology can make the PET blow molding machine packaging system continuously coat the 0.2-2L blow molding machine with a productivity of up to 6,000-180,000 pieces/h. PET bottles are also environmentally friendly. During the recycling process, the thin layer of silicon oxide is separated from the blow molding machine, while the PET plastic can be recycled into new blow molding machines or artificial fleece wool fabrics. In addition, PET bottles are lighter than glass bottles and should not be broken, which can reduce the pollution caused by product transportation. The working principle of the whole system of the automatic blow molding machine is relatively simple. Since only the stretching cylinder and the pre-blowing part are required, the installation structure is also very convenient. The relationship between supply and demand should be grasped when capacity bottles. Although this system only provides recycled gas to the two parts of stretching and pre-blowing, it seems to be a bit of a fly in the ointment, but its investment is small (take SBO10/14 as an example, only about 20,000, depending on the price of accessories), and the return is large (yearly Cost savings of 160,000 to 200,000), strong independence (the original gas supply system can be used when there is a fault or other reasons), and high flexibility (simple and convenient installation), which is in line with the basic principles of our technical transformation project, making the product more With market competitiveness, when the bottle is idling and not blowing, the low-pressure gas passes through the solenoid valve of the original pipeline to the gas storage pipe of the stretching cylinder, and the recovery gas storage pipe and the gas storage pipe of the stretching cylinder are isolated by a one-way valve. Low-pressure gas, at this time, the entire stretching gas circuit system and pre-blowing gas system are kept as they were before modification. Another kind of inner coating technology adopts the amorphous carbon coating machine for the inner wall of the bottle blowing machine, which is a device that uses a carbon source gas to form a plasma under microwave excitation to deposit an amorphous carbon film on the inner wall of the bottle. Its structure is controlled by a vacuum system, which can create a vacuum state in the inner cavity of the bottle blowing machine. The microwave generated by a microwave generating system acts on the bottle blowing machine, so that the carbon source gas generated in the inner cavity of the bottle blowing machine forms a plasma resonance cavity. The system can complete the injection of carbon source gas into the inner cavity of the blow molding machine by communicating with the carbon source gas injection system. The bottle blowing machine processed by this coating machine can effectively control the loss of gas in the bottle from the bottle wall, or the infiltration of gas outside the bottle from the bottle wall.
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