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9000-10000 bottles per hour, one out of six mineral water bottle blowing machine, PET automatic blowing

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-04-20
The company always adheres to the concept of 'being a good machine and a good personFG series product description: This series of models fills the gap of domestic high-speed linear blow molding machines. At present, the single-mode speed of domestic linear blow molding machines is still at 1200-1500 bottles/hour, and the foreign single-mode speed has reached 1800/hour. Hours, high-speed linear blow molding machines rely on imports. In view of the low speed of domestic linear blow molding machines, the single-mode speed of the FG4 linear blow molding machine developed by our company has reached 1700-1800 bottles/hour. FG4 is a 4-cavity linear blow molding machine with an output of 6800-7200 bottles. /Hour. This series of models is independently developed, has its own intellectual property rights, and has won more than 10 national items. FG series are fully automatic loading and unloading. In view of the development trend of domestic bottle blowing equipment towards high speed and high output, the fully automatic stretch blow molding machine is specially developed and developed. Mainly used for the blowing of pure water, mineral water PET bottles and various gas-containing bottles. This type of machine consists of three modules: preform elevator, preform unloader and main machine. The machine has many advantages such as reasonable structure, small footprint, low power consumption and gas consumption, good stability, etc., and conforms to the relevant national food hygiene standards. equipment. Advantages of FG series products: 1. Cam linkage servo control The high-speed integrated blowing workstation adopts a cam linkage servo drive system, which integrates the actions of mold opening and closing, mold clamping, and bottom mold lifting. The blowing cycle is greatly shortened, the output is increased, and the effect of high efficiency and energy saving is achieved. 2. The heating head of the small-pitch heating system adopts a small-pitch arrangement of 38.1mm, which saves energy by more than 30% compared with the traditional heating furnace, so as to achieve the effect of energy saving. constant temperature. 3. Efficient and stable billet feeding system The continuous rotating dial is used for billet feeding, which realizes fast, efficient and stable billet feeding effect. 4. The whole machine adopts a modular design concept. The modular design concept is adopted for later maintenance and replacement of changed parts, which is faster and more convenient, and effectively reduces maintenance costs. FG series technical parameters: Model FG6 Remark number of cavities (pieces) 6 bottle specifications Maximum bottle volume (mL) 2000 bottle maximum height (mm) 328 bottle maximum diameter (mm) 105 Square bottle to maximum diagonal length (mm) 115 Preform Specifications Bottle Mouth Inner Diameter (mm) 20--25 Preform Maximum Length (mm) 150 Output (bottle/hour) (17g 500mL water bottle) 9000-10000 Total installed power (k W) 52 Total power of heating furnace (kW) 46 Actual power consumption of heating furnace (kW) 23 Voltage/frequency (V/Hz) 380 (50Hz) Allowable voltage fluctuation range ±10% Gas pressure (bar) 30 Flow rate (m³/min) 6 (500mL bottle) water mold water pressure (bar) 4-6 chiller 6HP temperature adjustment range (℃) 6--13 flow rate (L/min) 45 heating furnace water pressure (bar) 4-6 Chiller 3HP Temperature Adjustment Range (℃) 6-13 Flow Rate (L/min) 22 Machine Specifications Host Dimensions (m) Length × Width × Height 4.6X1.3X2.2 Take a 17g 500mL water bottle as an example. When the product conditions change, the corresponding parameters will change. The above data may be continuously developed and improved, and are for reference only. Any changes will be made without prior notice. For detailed data, please contact our technical department. FG configuration: main configuration: pneumatic components solenoid valve FESTO (Germany) cylinder electrical components servo system Panasonic (Japan) inverter MITSUBISHI (Japan) touch screen MITSUBISHI (Japan) PLC MITSUBISHI (Japan) high pressure components blow valve Parker (US) check valve FESTO (Germany) throttle valve FESTO (Germany) pressure reducing valve DURAY (Germany)
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