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Which blow molding machine is better? Brand recommendation

by:Yosion Machinery     2021-06-02
With the rapid development of the mineral water and beverage industries, companies have increasingly higher demand and quality requirements for packaging bottles. Traditional semi-automatic bottle blowing machines cannot meet the development needs of companies. Fully automatic bottle blowing machine has become the first choice for enterprise bottle blowing equipment. In the face of blow molding machine manufacturers with uneven market technology, what should companies pay attention to when choosing a blow molding machine? Which blow molding machine is better? The editor recommends domestic well-known brand blow molding machines for you to help you choose the correct blow molding machine.  1. Types of blow molding machines     Before choosing a blow molding machine, let us first understand what types of blow molding machines help us to choose the right blow molding machine for ourselves. The blow molding machine is divided into one-step method and two-step method according to the bottle forming method. The so-called one-step blow molding machine completes the blow molding-heating-stretch blowing in one step, while the two-step method first blows the pet crystal into a preform. The bottle blowing machine directly blows the preform into a bottle. Generally, the two-step blow molding machine is fast, and the company can save a lot of costs. At present, most of the production enterprises in our country use the two-step blow molding machine.  According to the design work structure, it is divided into: linear blow molding machine and rotary blow molding machine. Rotary blow molding machine has a high output. Some well-known foreign brand blow molding machines can reach 80,000-90,000 bottles/hour; linear blow molding machine has a relatively low output of up to 20,000-30,000 bottles/hour. But for small and medium-sized enterprises, the linear blow molding machine is completely sufficient for enterprise use.   Two. Precautions for the selection of bottle blowing machine manufacturers   1. Stability of the bottle blowing machine    The stability of the equipment is the primary consideration when choosing a bottle blowing machine manufacturer. The instability of the bottle blowing machine will directly bring serious losses to the manufacturer and affect the production of the company. It is recommended that when choosing a blow molding machine manufacturer, you should inquire about the stable output of the manufacturer's equipment and investigate the manufacturer's technical level strength. 2. Improve after-sales service. After-sales service is one of the pain points of the development of this industry. At present, many small bottle-blowing machine manufacturers in the market only sell equipment at low prices to increase sales, but they cannot provide after-sales services for after-sales companies. Many manufacturers have suffered a lot of losses and have problems. The after-sales personnel of the bottle blowing machine manufacturers have been supporting and dragging them, and they have become indifferent. It is recommended to pay attention to inspecting and inquiring about the after-sales service of the bottle blowing machine when choosing a bottle blowing machine manufacturer.  3, the price is reasonable  As the saying goes, 'you get the price, you get the goods'. Good equipment is not cheap, and poor quality is the low price of equipment. At present, there is a big price difference in the bottle blowing machine market. Some profiteers use low-quality parts and counterfeit parts at low cost, and at the same time, there is no after-sales service. The equipment is sold at low prices, which seriously disrupts the market. Generally, the price of a rotary automatic bottle blowing machine is above 800,000. The price of the linear blow molding machine is different according to the number of cavities. The price of a two-line automatic blow molding machine is 100,000-120,000, and the price of a four-automatic blow molding machine is 200,000-220,000. The price of the linear automatic blow molding machine is 450,000-490,000, and the price of an eight-linear automatic blow molding machine is about 650,000-680,000. It is recommended that you should consider comprehensively when choosing a blow molding machine, rather than just consider the price as a factor.  3. Recommended by blow molding machine manufacturers    At present, domestic blow molding machine manufacturers are mainly concentrated in Zhejiang, Guangdong, Hebei, and Henan. The industry knows that Huangyan's machines are low in price, but the quality stability is not comparable to other regions. Guangdong machines are of good quality, but the price is high, which is not suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises to choose and use. The Hebei region mainly produces plastic injection molding machines. The Henan-based blow molding machine manufacturer, Jin Yi blow molding machine, has focused on pet full automatic blow molding machines for 15 years. More than 1,000 blow molding machines are working on the production line and the equipment is running stably. Reasonable price, high customer satisfaction, especially suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises to blow bottles.
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