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What should I do if there is stress damage during bottle blowing?

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-05-10
What should I do if there is stress damage when the blow molding machine blows the bottle? Symptoms: After filling the beverage container, there are many small radial cracks in the bottom door area, and they are formed within a period of time after being pressurized. You will definitely find more than one example on the shelf when you browse the supermarket. In rare cases, due to a bottle design error, the crack occurs in the neck of the bottle and extends to the bottom of the bottle. Prescription: I can't suggest a way to eradicate this type of problem, but the following points may help: 1) Bottom design and/or neck design issues. 2) The expansion of the bottom material after molding, and the changes caused by the imperfection of the pressure vessel itself will cause stress damage. 3) Chemical reactions often lead to bizarre results, and a very thin layer of chemicals can also cause severe stress breakage, and even the bottle bursts. Some lubrication on the filling line could be a root. 4) The location of the transition zone also plays a role in the balance. 5) The thickness should also be considered. If the bottom of the container is too thin, even if there is no stress damage, it may cause bursting, but the thicker bottom area will not. The company mainly produces automatic blow molding machines
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