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What is automatic high-speed bottle blowing machine?

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-05-26
Bottle blowing machine adopts automatic conveying bottle preform control method for the enterprise to reduce staff, reduce costs, improve quality and increase profits. 2, bottle blowing machine adopts imported man-machine interface control procedures, has the advantages of stable performance, simple operation. 3, detecting element USES imported components, high control precision, fast response. 4, USES the import reverse osmosis perimeter dressing uniform heating, strong penetrating power, heating, baffle plate width, height adjustable, fit the bottle of billet heating of different structure. 5, automatic alarm, automatic fault detection can judge function. 6, choose Germany, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, pneumatic components, has high sensitivity, fast switching speed, low failure rate, travel safe and reliable. 7, gas circuit design: the action and blow is divided into two parts, in order to meet the needs of bottle blowing, action of different pressure, high pressure blowing products. 8, unique structure, strong clamping force, smooth action, the process speed, die easy installation, convenient replacement.
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