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What innovations does the blow molding machine have in terms of control?

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-05-07
Preform heating system: infrared heating controlled by thyristor, and each layer of infrared lamps can be independently controlled. The air flow in the heating area and the unique design of the bottleneck protection device enable the preform to obtain an ideal temperature curve, while the bottleneck is not affected by heating, supplemented by an infrared thermometer to achieve automatic temperature adjustment and intelligent heating control of the preform. The heating tube realizes individual regulation and control. Operating system: human-machine dialogue operating system, which can directly reflect the production status. The heating temperature of the preform at all levels is displayed through the touch screen operation, and the control parameters can be adjusted according to the requirements of the fully automatic bottle blowing machine. Each mold can be easily controlled through the touch screen. Blowing parameters of the cavity. Safety system: The mechanical and electrical interlock protection of mold clamping avoids damage to equipment when mold clamping is not smooth. Clamping mechanical electrical interlock protection ensures the safety of the mold and the mold base. The double limit detection of the bottom mold and the mold opening ensures that the bottom mold does not drop during the high-speed operation of the equipment. The sealing multi-point detection device greatly protects the safe operation of the manipulator and the stretching rod. Bottle picking detection ensures the safe operation of the blank feeding manipulator and the mold. The electronic inspection system accurately and automatically eliminates unformed bottles and defective preforms, preventing the risk of downtime. Heating lamp disconnection alarm detection. The company mainly produces automatic blow molding machines
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