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What are the possible problems of the bottle preform of the blow molding machine?

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-05-02
Possible problems with the bottle preform of the blow molding machine: 1. Appearance (the following bad) black spots, contamination Definition: Unmelted material or impurity bubbles are randomly found on the preform surface Definition: Due to the formation of air or water vapor on the preform wall Irregular bubbles or voids carbonization, black spots Definition: Black and yellow spots are often found near the injection point, or the preform wall; the thermally degraded material enters the mold cavity Color mark Definition: The pigment is not fully stirred on the preform wall Pigment mark Thermal degradation (yellowing of the preform) Definition: The entire preform wall has abnormal yellow scorch color or hollow flash Definition: Part of the preform parting line overflows the raw material injection point. Whitening Definition: Whitening at the injection point of the preform ;Deformation of the bottom of the preform on the outer surface, the inner surface, the whole bottom (internal) Definition: the bottom cavity of the inner wall of the preform (just below the injection point) the deformation of the bottom of the preform (external) Definition: the deformation of the bottom of the preform when the mold is opened; There is often also peeling (scar) at the bottom of the deformed preform at the parting line of the embryo. Definition: The residual material is injected between the needle valve and the 'gate insert'. Definition of uneven wall thickness of bottle preform: The definition of uneven wall thickness on the circumference of the section of bottle embryo: The definition of fusion line: After the two fluids meet, it is impossible to completely fuse into one, forming a tiny joint line. The injection point is long (drawing) Definition: The injection point has excess plastic protrusion (or small wire drawing) the round surface of the bottle mouth is deformed. Definition: The round surface of the bottle mouth is not sufficiently formed. It is often a smooth and smooth depression, and it is definitely not a short shot and lack of material water mist (whitening). Definition: There is often a white cloud-like mist (albino) on the preform wall; Definition: The inner and outer walls of the bottle preform often appear with circular mold lines and large mold closing lines (or mold closing dents). Definition: When the mold is opened, there is a defect in which a circle of dents appear on the movable mold and the fixed mold closing line on the outside of the preform. . Sometimes there is a pinhole (needle valve) in the injection point of the preform gate clamping line. Definition: There is a pinhole in the center of the injection point of the preform, which goes deep into the preform. The company mainly produces automatic blow molding machines.
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