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Under type automatic bottle blowing machine know how much

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-10-24
The blow type automatic bottle blowing machine ( ZQ - B) The blow product introduction ZQ - type automatic bottle blowing machine B series fully automatic bottle blowing machine is my company a ldpe-g-nvp was blowing type automatic bottle blowing equipment, from a one or a two cavity, maximum blown 1. 5 l, or used for blowing crystalline forms such as PET, PP plastic as the raw material of any shape of carbonated beverage bottle, mineral water bottles, cosmetics bottles, large diameter and high temperature resistant bottles and other packaging container. The blow type automatic bottle blowing machine machine machine features: A, improve the predecessors of the microcomputer control system, function not disorderly; B, conveyor automatically send blank; C, using infrared light tube heating, strong penetrating power, bottle preform rotation is heated, orbit, average heating, rapid and reliable; D, the tubes in the heating, baffle plate width and height can be adjusted, in order to suit the bottles of different structure of billet heating, with automatic exhaust device, to ensure that the path of constant temperature; E, each mechanical action has safe self-locking device, when a process on the fault, the program will automatically switch to the safe state; F, each action is driven by cylinder, do not use the oil pump, has no pollution, low noise advantages; G, action and blowing gas path design divided into three parts, with content bottle blowing, the action of different pressure demand; H, the adoption of high pressure and hyperbolic arm connecting rod clamping, strong clamping force; I, manipulation method has manual and automatic two ways; J, safe and reliable valve position of unique design, is to let gas path become clear; K, production process all complete automation, saving investment, high efficiency, manipulation, maintenance simple, security and other advantages. L, M bottles from pollution, cooling system, N, install the ideal cooling effect, start simple
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