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by:Yosion Machinery     2021-06-22
Mineral water and beverages are common beverages in our daily lives. With the development of modern society and the prevalence of portable drinking products, we not only have different requirements for the composition and taste of drinking products, but also have different requirements for drinking products. There are also different requirements for the container of supplies, and the automatic blow molding machine has also emerged at the historic moment. So the question is, what kind of material is suitable for which kind of container? ? We understand the production process of plastic bottles and know how they come from. From raw materials to molding, we can basically rely on a fully automatic blow molding machine to solve the problem, but we have to look at the problem of materials: 1. Polyethylene terephthalate Glycol ester————01 PET (Pote bottle) is suitable for mineral water bottles, carbonated beverage bottles 2. High-density polyethylene————02 HDPE is suitable for containers for cleaning liquids and bath products 3. Polyvinyl chloride—— ——03 PVC is suitable for containers for building coatings. 4. Low-density polyethylene————04 LDPE is suitable for sealing materials such as cling film and plastic film. 5. Polypropylene——————05 PP The material can withstand temperatures above 100 degrees, suitable for use as a microwave lunch box 6. Polystyrene-06 PS heat-resistant 60-70 degrees, filled with overheated liquid or water, it will release toxic substances, suitable for bowls of instant noodles The remaining numbers of the boxes and fast food boxes are used to make water bottles, water cups, milk bottles, etc., but we strongly recommend that products with the materials listed above, after one use, do not reuse them, especially some that are not heat resistant. Yes, once it is filled with hot water or other overheated liquids, toxic substances will be released. If it is mixed with the liquid and drunk, it will cause great damage to the human body, ranging from certain internal dysfunctions to life-threatening.
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