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It takes many considerations for the blow molding machine industry to enter the international market

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-08-06
At present, the current product level of my country's bottle blowing machinery manufacturing industry is distributed in a pyramid shape, with a large number of low-level repeated production products at the bottom, and relatively few high-end products. However, through years of development, the domestic blow molding machine industry has been catching up with the internationally renowned blow molding machine manufacturers in terms of learning and reference technology, and has gradually formed its own advantages in the manufacturing of blow molding equipment, but the blow molding machine industry has entered International still needs to be considered in many ways. For the blow molding machine, although the domestic blow molding machine technology has developed rapidly in recent years, it does not mean that the production level has reached an impeccable level, and there are still many problems that need to be improved. All aspects from the blow molding machine equipment itself to product marketing and after-sales service are in urgent need of improvement. According to the data, there are nearly 1,000 professional bottle blowing machine manufacturers in the country, of which more than 300 are not stable enough, and nearly 10% of them change production or close down every year. There are only more than 10 companies with output value and sales exceeding 100 million yuan, and less than 30 companies with annual sales exceeding 30 million yuan. 75% of the export products in the industry are produced by these 30 companies. In fact, in order to form its own advantages, the blow molding machine cannot do without the advancement of the production technology of related parts of the blow molding machine. For example: the progress of localization technology of air compressors, compressors and other related parts and equipment, only the leading advantages and progress of these parts and equipment in completely domestic technology can promote the progress of the entire blow molding machine industry. For the blow molding machine industry, it is also facing the transformation and upgrading of the industry like other industries. With the increasingly fierce competition in the domestic market and the rising labor costs, the pressure on the market environment for domestic bottle blowing machine manufacturers is increasing. How to get out of the current market development bottleneck has become a problem that many bottle blowing machine manufacturers must consider at present. We believe that going out is a direction that bottle blowing machine manufacturers can currently consider. After years of development, domestic blow molding machine companies have accumulated mature blow molding machine manufacturing technology and experience, and the company also has a certain amount of capital and strength. It is fully capable of setting up branches abroad. So, in which places is it more appropriate to set up branches? Southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America, these third world countries have cheap labor resources, and the orders for plastic bottle processing and production tend to be more and more in these regions, which makes the purchasing areas of blow molding machines with low demand in the past, and the demand for blow molding machines increases. more and more. Therefore, setting up blow molding machine factories in these places has become the best choice.
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