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Introduction to the use of bottle blowing machine features

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-10-21
Bottle blowing machine using characteristics of mechanical production of bottle blowing machine is divided into hard plastic bottle blowing machine, powerful plastic bottle blowing machine, plastic pipe material, bottle blowing machine. With hard plastic bottle blowing machine is suitable for crushing all kinds of small and medium-sized plastic such as ABS, PE, PP plate plate crushing recovery. The material crushing and unique design of the rectangular plate feeding mouth, easy to strip plate type into pieces, and improve the work efficiency. Optional suction fan, storage VAT sheet crushing recovery system can be more fully recovery efficiency. The machine adopts sealed bearing, bearing rotation to maintain good long time. Shape design is reasonable, the product into grain of uniform. Knife heat shrinkable processing, elegant in design. Mechanical professional provide all kinds of bottle blowing machine, cleaning equipment, rich experience. Below is the operation steps of bottle blowing machine. Use the bottle blowing machine should be strictly in accordance with the following requirements division flash operation: cable connection between good cleaning trough and generator; Add cleaning fluid into the cleaning tank, Pour the amount of cleaning fluid is to put in cleaning material, on the surface of the liquid position is about three-quarters of the whole is preferred) ; Will be cleaning objects into the cleaning tank; Plug in the power plug; To set up the cleaning time, boot.
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